OEE have a long history of research and development and continually seek innovative ways to address contaminated soils and groundwater. Our Mobile Treatment Unit has been developed to allow us to effectively recover oil from groundwater and surface water following inland oil spills, to have complete control and containment once set up, and most importantly to recover oil efficiently and continuously.

Most recovery methods do not allow around the clock or targeted recovery, whereas OEE’s Mobile Treatment Unit will effectively reduce the requirement for high volume absorbent deployments and will significantly reduce the costs associated with high volume vacuum tanker uplifts. 

  • Oil recovery volumes of up to 4m³/hr with effluent discharges below 10mg/l without any further polishing treatments such as carbon filtration.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers allowing any specific delivery requirements 7 days a week, 24hrs a day.

  • Pneumatic delivery to operate non-emulsifying, ATEX certified diaphragm pumps stored within the Mobile Treatment Unit.

  • Pre-oil-water-separator silt settlement tank to handle high suspended solids concentrations and maximise oil water separation through our in house designed coalescing and separation process.

  • Metered regulation for even and consistent flow through our oil water separation process.

  • Automatic oil recovery skim-off when connected in-situ to high level 24v control system linked to the PLC panel.

  • Remote observations via an internal monitoring camera to observe key visual indicators within the Mobile Treatment Unit.

Our Engineers are highly competent in the set up and optimisation of our Mobile Treatment Unit which has undertaken full HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Studies) and EHSR (Essential Health & Safety Requirements). A full dynamic risk assessment is undertaken on site before locating the Mobile Treatment Unit, so all H&S requirements are met with particular attention to  minimising trip hazards such as excessive hose runs / pneumatic lines.

The system can be deployed fully independently and operate continuously from a stand-alone generator for periods of up to 12 hours before requiring refuelling. 

Our Mobile Treatment Unit comes with a full complement of oil spill response equipment, all designed and identified to
work in-situ.

  • Oil Skimmers 300mm-900mm range with adjustable weirs

  • 3500l Temporary storage tank

  • Carbon filtration tubes for further polishing treatment (if required)

  • Portable battery-operated flood lighting

  • H&S signage

  • Range of 25mm hosing

  • Petrol generator