Gary Wood joins the team at OEE!

After completing a degree in Biology from the University of Leeds, Gary worked as a Site Manager for Oceans ESU. Gary was based on a large oil field in South Sudan and worked in a team of two managing a large reed-bed bioremediation system. Gary gained significant experience in bioremediation as well as other remedial strategies for large quantities of hydrocarbon-contaminated produced water.

Gary transferred to the Oceans ESU head office in June 2014 and worked as an Environmental Scientist with duties relating to brownfield remediation and reed bed treatment, VOC air monitoring for resin flooring application as well as regular shifts of site management in South Sudan. After gaining significant experience within the company’s UK operations Gary returned to the South Sudan working as Field Manager. His main duties were oversight of the project, final say on field-based decisions such as hydraulic management strategies, training and management of new and existing staff and all manner of client liaison. Gary has joined the team at OEE as an Environmental Consultant and we are confident he will be a hugely valuable addition to the team.

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