Oracle Environmental Experts deliver UK Spill accredited training courses

Last week, over 3 days, nearly 50 engineers from a major UK Power Generator Specialist, attended Oracle Environmental Experts (OEE) UK Spill Accredited training courses on spill response and site investigation. OEE specifically tailored these courses for the Generator Specialist, giving their engineers a head start in the unlikely event that they have to deal with a spill incident.

The training was arranged to increase the awareness and capabilities of the engineers who are often first on the scene in the event of a spill.

The spill response training covered topics including health and safety considerations during spill response, environmental risk assessment, implementing a spill response, methods for containment and recovery, and a summary of relevant legislation including oil spill prevention, enforcement powers and waste management legislation.
The spill investigation training covered topics including sampling strategies, use and maintenance of on-site screening tools, sample storage and handling and interpretation of results.

If you are interested in receiving similar UK Spill accredited training courses delivered by industry experts, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Jon Burton