Our Services


Response & Remediation Services 

OEE have industry leading award-winning experience in the design and implementation of a wide range of remediation techniques and their application to treat contaminants that pose a risk to health and the environment


Mobile Treatment Unit

OEE have a long history of research and development and continually seek innovative ways to address contaminated soils and groundwater. Our Mobile Treatment Unit has been developed to allow us to effectively recover oil from groundwater and surface water following inland oil spills, to have complete control and containment once set up, and most importantly to recover oil efficiently and continuously.



OEE scientists have provided environmental expert witness services on civil claims and criminal prosecutions particularly in relation to environmental impacts arising from pollution incidents and historically contaminated land.



OEE scientists have extensive experience in supporting insurers, loss adjusters, and brokers in the management of environmental insurance claims following pollution incidents including spills of fuel, slurry, leachate, pesticides and chemicals.


Oil Storage and Distribution

OEE scientists experience in the oil storage and distribution sector includes the provision of environmental consulting and expert witness services as well as the provision of advice on spill response and incident management.


Water Utility Companies

OEE scientists experience in working with water utility companies includes pollution incident management, response and remediation, consulting and expert services including the provision of detailed assessment of risks to water supplies from contaminated sites and pollution incidents and the assessment of turbidity problems.


Electricity Network Operators

OEE scientists have worked with electricity network operators in response to recent pollution incidents and historic land contamination from infrastructure on their own and third party sites.


Commercial Land Owners/Planning

OEE scientists are experienced in working with asset owners and investors to achieve their objectives from successful divestment or acquisition to discharge of planning conditions relating to land contamination.


Spill Response Contractors

OEE scientists have extensive experience within the oil spill response industry and can offer a number of services to oil spill response contractors.