OEE scientists experience in the oil storage and distribution sector includes the provision of environmental consulting and expert witness services as well as the provision of advice on spill response and incident management.

We have previously worked for a range of national and international clients in the oil storage and distribution sector and our experience includes the following:

  • Environmental auditing of oil storage depots;

  • Phase I and II due diligence environmental auditing of portfolios of petrol filling station sites;

  • Phase II investigations on petrol filling station sites following pollution incidents;

  • Human health and environmental risk assessment of filling station and refinery sites;

  • Remediation strategy design and supervision for petrol filling station sites and oil storage depots;

  • Commissioning and review of forensic environmental analysis of oil, oil contaminated soils, sediments and waters; and,

  • Review and provision of advice on oil spill contingency plans.

Where required we are happy to liaise with the relevant regulators and we are also happy to liaise with solicitors and any other parties involved in portfolio transactions.